The first thing people ask is, "What is an ebike?" We like to think its the best bike for everyone. With a modern design and the latest in battery technology, the old days of poorly made, heavy, ugly, electric bicycles are over. Now this is a proper ebike.

The second question is, "What makes Karmic better?" Everything. We've thought deeply about the rider before we even start designing. The Koben's high torque mid-motor feels supernatural, like you've got bionic legs. The Karmic battery has 45 miles of real-world range, so you can ride daily, without worry.

You control the boost to give a constant tailwind, or a hill-leveling amount of power. Our Koben S model adds a CVT transmission befitting a modern electric vehicle. The NuVinci N380 allows smooth shifts under power, with a wide gear range to fly on the flats or crush your local climbs. This is what freedom feels like.

While others want to compare numbers and spec, we think about it from a different angle. It is all about the Karmic Experience. How does it make you feel? Where do you want to go today? What will you do next? 

Don't just ride a bike, Be Karmic.