Welcome to The Karmic Family

Thank you for purchasing a Karmic Koben or Koben S. We welcome you to our Karmic Family of delighted owners. Let's get started:

Building Your Karmic

You have a big brown box sitting on your doorstep. Now what? Since Karmic was started as a consumer-direct bike company, we've thought through the delivery experience. We designed our bikes to be easy to build and maintain. If you'd like to use a local bike shop great! If not, we will help you finish up your bike and get on the road. There are only a few steps, and we go through it in this video.

New Koben S - Updated Assembly Instructions

We've noticed that our New Koben S has enough changes to make the assembly process slightly different from last year. Please read Hong's post on Medium as a supplement to our assembly video above. Please feel free to email us if you have any other questions.

Karmic Owners Group

Now that your bike is done, you're excited to go for a ride. Please post your initial impressions on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Feel free to tag us (@karmicbikes) and use our hashtag #BeKarmic. We're always available to answer any questions you have. Another great benefit of being a Karmic Owner is our strong owner's community. The KOG is a private Facebook Group for Karmic Owners to share tips and advice about their bikes. Please email us if you want to be added to the Group. We look forward to seeing your pics!


We are honored that you chosen a Karmic. We know there are plentiful choices for customers today, much more than just a few years ago when we started Karmic. We hope you enjoy the Karmic Experience and join our community. We sincerely appreciate your support!




The Karmic Promise

  • We strive to give value to all our customers
  • We build great bikes that we ride ourselves
  • We will take care of you as we do our family
  • We won't put out a compromised product
  • We don't cut corners to hit price points
  • We'll never sell you something you don't need