What is the warranty on a Karmic?

The Karmic warranty is 2 years from date of purchase and covers the powertrain (motor, battery, display). The frame and fork have a lifetime warranty for the original owner. Other items such as tires and brake pads are considered wear items, and are not covered.


What if I need service on a Karmic?

We've designed the Koben to be reliable and serviceable by any good bike shop. If you have specific problems with the powertrain, we will work with your preferred shop to resolve it. The rest of the components are standard bike parts, so tires, tubes, grips, saddle, etc. can be replaced at your local bike shop. We strongly recommend supporting your local shops!


How much is shipping?

In the Age of Amazon, we realize that customers expect shipping should be free. The reality is our products are some of the largest items you can still ship. We use FedEx Home Delivery and they do a great job with friendly service. The actual costs to ship an ebike & battery is a bit more than a regular bike, but we simplified this to  a flat $99 to all customers in the contiguous 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii customers please email us for a shipping quote.


How long does it take to get my Karmic?

Once your order is received and payment cleared (immediately for credit card orders, up to 3-5 days for PayPal eCheck) our warehouse starts to process your order. We have a goal of shipping your bike out within 24 hours, but our daily pickup time-cut is around 2pm (PST). The shipping time ranges between 2-5 business days across the United States, with the East Coast taking the longest, since our warehouse is near San Francisco, CA.


Can I get a discount/coupon code?

Yes! Although we're already operating on lower margins than most Bike Brands, we do offer a few discounts for certain groups. Our biggest discount is for Friends & Family, meaning those of you who already own a Karmic and want to get another one. We also have discounts for employees of Google and Amazon (proof of employment). Please email us if you qualify.


How do I build up my Karmic?

We've designed the Koben for a consumer-direct business. With the included tools, and the online instructions, most people should be able to build their Karmic out of the box in about 30-45 minutes. A professional bike mechanic can likely finish the bike in 15 minutes flat. We've included a few small tools for you to complete the bike, which only requires 4 steps:

1) Putting on the front wheel (& fender on Koben S)

2) Installing the handlebar & connecting the display

3) Installing the pedals (NIB left and right threading!)

4) Installing the seatpost and saddle (adjust height/tilt)


Can I get a Karmic Kyoto?

As much as we'd love to see Kyoto's riding around, well, Kyoto - the answer is a No. While our second Kickstarter got a lot more attention, it ultimately fell short of the funding goal. This wasn't an arbitrarily large number, it was the actual amount we needed to bring the Kyoto to production. Maybe one day we'll be able to revisit the project, as more Americans start to consider ebikes in their daily lives. Until then, we'll keep riding the few prototypes that exist.


Do you accept returns if I don't like my Karmic?

 The short and simple answer is No.

The longer answer is most owners love their Karmic. We've only had one person demand a refund, and the bike was returned with significant damage which we had to repair at our expense. It is difficult to ship an ebike properly, and unless the bike is returned in its original excellent condition of a brand new bike, we can not offer any refunds.

Of course we will take care of any problems If there is a manufacturing defect, or if the bike was damaged in transit to you. If you're unsure about buying online, we suggest a visit to your Local Bike Shop. If you'd like to demo a Karmic in San Francisco or Portland please email us.