How much does a Karmic Bike cost?

Our key goal from the start was to make the "Karmic Experience" available to more people.  The average ebike in the US sells for $2500 and European import models are easily double or triple that. We deliver a really high-quality bike that's also a great value.

Our Køben model is $1899 and the Køben S retails for $2799. Our consumer-direct model eliminates middle-man markups and bike shop prices, which allows us to pass on the cost-savings directly to you. You'll find our bikes are tremendous value compared to everything else on the market.


When does Karmic expect to deliver the first bikes?

We have already delivered our Kickstarter bike rewards and now have a limited number of Karmic Bikes in stock at our California warehouse. Local Bay Area customers can still select the local delivery option, while most other customers will receive their Køben in 2-5 business days.  


Is there a way to try the bike out before purchase?

Yes there is! We're very proud of our bikes and would love to have you demo a Køben. We believe the "Karmic Experience" is unlike anything else, even if you've tried an ebike before. Demos are held at our San Francisco office or our Palo Alto garage. You can be added to the list HERE.


What's the expected range on one battery charge?

The Karmic Battery has been rigorously tested at over 40 miles of real-world range.  We don't like giving out ideal lab numbers, only to have disappointed customers running out of juice. Our goal has always been to make a safe, powerful and long-lasting battery that offers enough real-world range for most riders and their daily commutes to work, or to school.


How long does it take to charge the battery?

In regular usage, it would take just a few hours to charge up the battery after riding. To fully charge the battery from 0% level takes 4-6 hours, but we don't recommend depleting the battery that low. The included Karmic Smart Charger turns itself off at full-charge, so it's easy - and safe - to plug in at night and your bike will be ready to ride in the morning.

The best part? Our Karmic battery only uses about 5 cents of electricity for a full charge!


What type of bike rack do you recommend?

Lots of customers have been putting their Koben on a standard bike rack without issue. The weight is actually not much more than a standard full-suspension mountain bike. We use the Kuat NV, and have been carrying two Kobens on it most of the time. We recommend the full-sized racks that carry the bike by the wheels, but smaller frame-mounted bike racks also work. The standard roof racks where you take the front wheel off work fine too.

The weight of the bike on the rack is less of an issue than finding a rack that you can use comfortably. We recommend hitch-mounted bike racks if your car can accept one. When using roof racks, we recommend taking off the Karmic battery to make loading and unloading the bike easier.


I own a bike shop. Can I carry Karmic Bikes?

We are focused on getting Karmic Bikes delivered to customers. We will consider other distribution channels (local shops, ebike retailers, big box stores) if that benefits our customers. Feel free to send us an email or sign up for our newsletter if you're interested in working with Karmic Bikes.


How is the Karmic Bike different from the competition?

We believe that we've created something truly unique for today's modern bike rider. The Karmic Køben has the perfect balance of high-tech engineering and clean functional design. Our Karmic battery technology is powerful and engineered for useable real-world range. Our mid-engine powertrain gives balanced, stable handling and great ride quality. The user experience has been thoughtfully considered, so you can just have fun! We hope you do your research before buying any ebike. An educated customer is our best customer!


Are Karmic Bikes available outside of the United States?

We know there is worldwide interest for a beautifully made electric bicycle, and arguably many more wonderful cities in which to enjoy the Karmic Experience. Global distribution is something we're thinking about, but our initial focus will be on serving our home market. We think more people should ride bikes in America.

We are definitely keen to explore this soon, because we think the world needs Karmic!