Obsessed with bikes


No one works in the bike industry for the money. We just love bikes. Some might even say we're obsessed with them. But that's a good thing for the guys making your bike.

With decades of experience building technology startups and battery design expertise for electric vehicles, Hong and Tim are the perfect duo to rethink the future of bicycles. 

Come along with us on the journey, it's going to be an exhilarating ride!


Join the K-Team


With half of the team being Engineers, you'll be a natural fit. Just keep an eye out for that business guy... Engineering at Karmic encompasses hardware, software, mechanical and electrical. Heck, we'll add chemistry too so we don't leave anyone out. We are looking for hands-on builders who understand that theory needs to be tested in the garage and on the streets.

Come help us build the future of personal urban mobility.


  • Engineering degree from a top university, or a really kick-ass project you've done.
  • Must love bikes or people, and can explain how it all works (the bike, not the people).
  • Development experience in vehicles (bikes, motorcycles, auto), batteries or software.
  • We're a startup, so while a resume is nice, we'd rather you show us what you've built. 


We're lovers of design, but our team is missing a key piece, maybe it's you? We think about all aspects of design, from graphic to interaction, from branding to industrial. Karmic is just a couple of engineers and a crazy obsessed bike-nerd. We're looking for a design leader to join, and help us transform the landscape of urban transportation.

We promise not to ask you to "make it pretty."


  • Must love bikes or people (preferably both), and appreciate design in all things.
  • We're not hunting for a resume, so we'd love to see your portfolio of work instead.
  • Since we've left this open-ended, please tell us what type of Designer you are.
  • Bonus points for being more than one type, we're a startup, so we all wear many hats.

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